Sunday, August 14, 2011

Next Captain Questions???

     There is much speculation on the web as to who will be the next New York Rangers captain. In my personal opinion, the teams captaincy should auto-maticly go to fan favorite Ryan Callahan. He displays everything a captain means to the NHL. He displays leadership both on and off the ice. He doesn't shy away from anyone and hits everything in his way. He lets his play speak for itself, despite missing much time from injuries last season do to his great ability for shot blocking. He still managed to put up respectable point. Most experts say that he would have beaten 30 goals and 30 assist last year if he had played those extra games he had missed. Thus making his statement that he deserves the teams captaincy.
     Another choice would be Marc Staal. He has shown the Ability to lead by example. He was only second to Henrik Lundqvist on the team for time on ice. Which also gives him a major advantage. Who better to give the teams captaincy than a man whose going to be on the ice the most. Staal also made his first NHL All-star game debut last season, solidifying his stature as an elite defensemen in the league. He hits as hard as any defensemen in the league, just youtube Marc Staal hits and you'll find more than enough proof of that. Most known for his bone crushing hits this defensemen is also showing that he will soon be a force to be reckoned with offensively. Which is also a plus for his captaincy vote.
     Then theres the dark horse of the race. Recently acquired Brad Richards. Who has been an alternate captain for both his previous teams, the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Dallas Stars. He has won a Stanley Cup, and Conn Smythe, under current rangers head coach John Tortorella. He has consistent point production and is considered an elite passer in the league. Plus his experience with the rangers head coach will certainly be most helpful on his behalf. But the question is, does he deserve to just be handed the captaincy of this team just because of the length of his deal. My answer is no. Although they will most likely give it to him, I as well as many other NY Ranger fans believe he does not deserve it just yet.

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